This is probably by far the best basic photo retouch tutorial I have come across. It is simple in that it only calls the user to use 3 to 4 tools. This method is non destructive and subtle. I believe that doing anything much more than what this tutorial illustrate is going a bit to far.

The author of this tutorial, Jesse Rosten, does a fantastic job! He explains very clearly how to use the dodge and burn tools to edit highlights, midtones, and shadows for best results. Using his method, changing perspective, shape, and focal points can be done very easily without the need of destructive tools such as Liquify, or the heavy handed Blur methods.

I’ve adopted the process completely, for the best results. I am proud to admit that this tutorial has really improved my skills.  So I am posting this video to spread the knowledge. Enjoy!!

A quick look at Jesse Rosten’s Photoshop workflow for portraits. For more on this video and to see before/after comparisons visit:

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