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The Colorists

The Colorists - Image

The which hosts high resolution Photoshop brushes, and Christopher Hennis  really tries to go out of his way to find brushes that are unique and not already posted everywhere else. The Colorists also hosts Photoshop gradients and layer styles and high quality textures.


Scarletbits - Image

Scarletbits is a brand new project created by Marco “h1brd” Sousa & Iris “marla” Sousa to bring the webdesign and webdevelopment community new and exclusive freebies, exclusive tips & tuts and important news from the niche.

Naldz Graphics

Naldz Graphics - Image

Naldz Graphics is a Design Blog for designers and design lovers. They are showcasing the best tutorials, freebies, inspirations and other useful and informative resources to help and give love to design community. Naldz Graphics is managed by Ronald Bien, a Graphic/Web Designer.

Blueprint Media

Blueprint Media - Image

Website: Blueprint Web Design Blog is providing news and resources for beginners and advanced web designers, coders and graphic artists. A site dedicated to the creative aspects of Design.

Web Fruits

Web Fruits - Image

WEBFRUITS FREEBIES is a free collection of self-created web graphics resources to download and use in your web sites and blogs. All listed freebies can be used for personal and non-profit projects and are released under a Creative Commons License.

DryIcons Project

DryIcons Project - Image

The DryIcons Project : Fantastic Resource for FREE vector and raster icons Rabotilnica (Workshop) doo, is a small creative studio working in the creative design and web development industry. This is an independent company founded and run by 4 good friends. The team is comprised of two programmers and two designers, all engaging, skilled, committed [...]


TutsAZ - Image

TutsAZ is a site that offers tutorials collected from around the web. (In other words its a collection of tuts from other reputable sources.)


iyecon - Image is  a website distributing on the best free icons, wallpapers and vectors.


Photoshopedia - Image is a place where you can find Photoshop brushes, patterns, styles, gradients and other tools related to and useful for Adobe Photoshop. All this resources are made by artists all over the world and all are free to download,

PSD Vault

PSD Vault - Image

Website: PSD Vault offers free photoshop tutorials, resources, and news.

Boxed CSS

Boxed CSS - Image

Website: A gallery of the most awesome css sites o and we blog a little also.


JungleJar - Image – For all of your Web Design, Web Development, Web Application, and everything inbetween type needs Currently, JungleJar focuses on Web Design, Web Development, Web Applications & Technologies, Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, Social Bookmarking or Self/Site Promotion, Content Management Systems, Freelancing, and various other things both in and out of the [...]


Line25 - Image

Website: Line25 is a weblog based around the topic of web design, and is the home to a range of posts that aim to give ideas and inspiration to web creatives. Whether you’re a seasoned web professional or someone learning the basics of web design there’s a range of posts to feed your creativity.


10Steps - Image

Website: Johnson Koh a graphic and web designer from Singapore, provides photoshop tutorials, articles, freebies and his own insite into the world of design. As I write this his site is celebrating his one year celebration. I think he will celebrate many more if he keeps providing these quality articles and photoshop tutorials.

Outlaw Design Blog

Outlaw Design Blog - Image

Website: Outlaw Design Blog Danny Outlaw has a fantastic website featuring resources from web design tutorials, photoshop tutorials, freebies and more.


Tutorial9 - Image

Website: Tutorial9 is a collection of teachers, experts, and caring folk from around the world, all gathered in one place to pass along their knowledge to absolutely anyone interested in learning. They cover a full range of design topics from web design tutorials, photoshop tutorials, photography tutorials.. and hey let us not forget about [...]


PSDtuts - Image

One of the foremost in photoshop guides, tutorials, and inspiration. Psdtuts+ is a blog/Photoshop site made to house and showcase some of the best Photoshop tutorials around. They publish tutorials that not only produce great graphics and effects, but explain the techniques behind them in a friendly, approachable manner. Website:

Free Stock Textures

Free Stock Textures - Image are the authors of all the photos available on their site. All textures may be used for both personal and commercial purposes. You may make any derivative work out of them. However you are not allowed to sell or redistribute these textures in an underived form or if the modified product is a texture [...]

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