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Basic Photo Retouch – The Best Method

Basic Photo Retouch – The Best Method - Image

This is probably by far the best basic photo retouch tutorial I have come across. It is simple in that it only calls the user to use 3 to 4 tools. This method is non destructive and subtle. I believe that doing anything much more than what this tutorial illustrate is going a bit to [...]

Convert A Photo to Sketch Drawing Photoshop Tutorial

Convert A Photo to Sketch Drawing Photoshop Tutorial - Image


Colorburned - Image

Website: Colorburned is a design blog featuring some of the best design news, resources, and tutorials from around the web. On their website you will find free vectors, textures, patterns, Illustrator and Photoshop brushes as well as tutorials and interviews with some of the biggest players in the design industry. Their focus is to [...]


Spoongraphics - Image

Designer Chris Spooner’s blog is above and beyond your average tutorial and list site.  I consistently amazed by the quality of his tutorials and resources. His blog is a well rounded center of defense for any designer wannabe. If you haven’t heard of his site you should definitely take a look.  I wannabe a designer [...]


Onextrapixel - Image

What is Onextrapixel? Onextrapixel, or more commonly known as OXP is a weblog dedicated in delivering useful, comprehensive and innovative information for designers and web developers. OXP is started by two very enthusiastic Singapore web developer and designer. OXP endeavors to present excellent, noteworthy tips, tutorials, and web resources that any modern web followers will [...]

Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity - Image

Most people find that true creativity isn’t a constant presence in their lives, no matter how much you fool yourself into thinking that. We’d like to introduce you to Fuel Your Creativity. This gem is the place to turn to when you’re having one of your “I’m-going-to-implode-if-I-don’t-get-an-idea-soon” moments. Don’t lie. You know you have them. - Image

Website: MyInkBlog is the creation of Andrew Houle and is designed to be a resource for web and graphic designers alike.


HV-Designs - Image

Website: HV-Designs provides Adobe Photoshop tutorials, from beginner to advanced. Including Photoshop text effect tutorials, photo manipulation tutorials and how to create Photoshop effects. Learn how to use Photoshop.


Brusheezy - Image

Brushyeezy is a place for artists to download and vote for the best custom Photoshop Brushes and photoshop patterns on the internet

Digital Arts

Digital Arts - Image

Digital Arts – comprehensive coverage of the art of graphic design, 3D, animation, video, effects, web and interactive design, in print and online. Digital Arts is the UK’s leading resource for creative professionals, both in print and online. Digital Arts addresses the needs of those within the exploding digital media market by providing relevant and [...]


Scarletbits - Image

Scarletbits is a brand new project created by Marco “h1brd” Sousa & Iris “marla” Sousa to bring the webdesign and webdevelopment community new and exclusive freebies, exclusive tips & tuts and important news from the niche.

Naldz Graphics

Naldz Graphics - Image

Naldz Graphics is a Design Blog for designers and design lovers. They are showcasing the best tutorials, freebies, inspirations and other useful and informative resources to help and give love to design community. Naldz Graphics is managed by Ronald Bien, a Graphic/Web Designer.

Blueprint Media

Blueprint Media - Image

Website: Blueprint Web Design Blog is providing news and resources for beginners and advanced web designers, coders and graphic artists. A site dedicated to the creative aspects of Design.


TutsAZ - Image

TutsAZ is a site that offers tutorials collected from around the web. (In other words its a collection of tuts from other reputable sources.)


Photoshopedia - Image is a place where you can find Photoshop brushes, patterns, styles, gradients and other tools related to and useful for Adobe Photoshop. All this resources are made by artists all over the world and all are free to download,

PSD Vault

PSD Vault - Image

Website: PSD Vault offers free photoshop tutorials, resources, and news.


10Steps - Image

Website: Johnson Koh a graphic and web designer from Singapore, provides photoshop tutorials, articles, freebies and his own insite into the world of design. As I write this his site is celebrating his one year celebration. I think he will celebrate many more if he keeps providing these quality articles and photoshop tutorials.

Outlaw Design Blog

Outlaw Design Blog - Image

Website: Outlaw Design Blog Danny Outlaw has a fantastic website featuring resources from web design tutorials, photoshop tutorials, freebies and more.

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